Formation of the Association

Name of the Association

DLDAVSB Alumni Association (D.A.A.) is the name of the association for the alumni of DLDAV Model School, BN Block, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

Other options considered were Aikya, Sanstuti, DAV Old Students Association (DOSA). D.A.A was agreed keeping in the mind its uniqueness and inclusion of school’s name from which it has been derived.

Annual alumni meet will be known as “Aikya”. Aikya is a sanskrit word which means oneness.

Association was endorsed on 09 November 2008

Suo Motto

To nurture the talents of tomorrow, guided by the expertise of today, to make a better and harmonized society. With accepting the evolving needs and changes required by the society, sharing knowledge and putting correct and ethical thoughts to action. To bring together the old students and give them a platform for social and business networking.

Formation of the association

Honorary Founders

Ms Adarsh Kohli, School Principal (2008) who has supported this cause and idea throughout its course. Shown support par excellence by believing in the Core Group and always stood to support the idea unbiased.

Mr Vipul Kumar Sharma, alumnus of 2001, for his idea, leadership and motivation by which, the efforts for forming the association was realized. It was his strong belief and persistent efforts which motivated founder members to believe that association can be formed only with collective and continuous efforts.

Any principle change in the rules/regulations/clauses/guidelines for governing and functioning of D.A.A will be considered by founding members and decided upon by the Honorary Founders.

Founding Members

Team of 12 old students, who worked together as a team, motivated by the idea and dedicated their best of the efforts to form this Alumni association. Members of this Core Group will be the default Executive members of the association and henceforth shall be known as the founding members of D.A.A.

The Founding members are as follows:

1. Mr Akash Bansal (1999)
2. Mr Ankit jain (2001)
3. Ms Anuradha Jain (2001)
4. Mr Manish Dua (2001)
5. Mr Nikhil Singh ( 2004)
6. Mr Pankaj Gupta (2004)
7. Mr Pankaj Khanna (2001)
8. Mr Ravi Sagar (1999)
9. Mr Sundeep Bajaj (2001)
10. Ms Swati Sharma (2007)
11. Ms Veronica Makan (2007)
12. Mr Vipin Kumar Goel (2001)


By default the standing Principal of the school will be Chairperson of the association.

Who can be a general member of D.A.A.

1. Graduated student of DLDAV, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi
2. Registered member of D.A.A
3. Nominations will be cleared by the existing Executive members

Executive Members

To include broadminded and responsible students of the school, who are willing to shoulder responsibilities, have a sense of belonging and are eager to take initiatives.

Addition to Executive Members

1. Only 5 new Executive members can be appointed in a year. However, if the total members are less than 21 at any given point of time, new Executive members can be appointed only till the total of the Executive Members become 21.
2. 2 members can be recommended by the Chairperson from the graduating class. In case of no recommendations or unsuitable recommendations, students may be chosen by self nomination from the graduating class.
3. 3 members shall be self nominated.
4. Executive members should be approved by the then existing CORUM of Executive members. In case of a tie, President can decide on the appointment.

Deletion and/or Nomination for deletion

1. An Executive Member can resign at any given point of time.
2. An Executive Member whose attendance is less than 40% annually will be automatically nominated for Deletion and will be decided by majority during the Annual meeting of the Association.
3. Office Bearer’s shall not be nominated for deletion on attendance basis.

Office Bearers of D.A.A.

1. Any Executive Member can be nominated to a post.
2. Self nominations are not allowed.
3. Nominated candidate should have completed 21 years of age
4. Nominated candidate should have completed 2 years as an Executive member. However, this condition will not imply to the founding members and initially nominated executive members for practical reasons.

Appointment of Office bearers

1. Appointments will be only for one year under normal circumstances.
2. Office bearers will be elected by voting of the Executive members
3. The governing body includes President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. More office bearer posts can be created by the Executive Members after consultation and approval by the Founders.
4. The hierarchy and flow of authority and responsibility shall be as per the diagram attached.

Right to Vote

All Executive members can vote. Only under exceptional circumstances or in case of a balanced decision by the Corum of the Executive Members, President’s vote shall be deciding.


1. All meetings shall be held in the premises of DLDAV Model School Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.
2. At least one Annual meeting of the association chaired by the Chairperson will be held.
3. Chairperson can nominate President, Vice President or anyone from the Advisory Panel to chair the meeting in case of her unavailability to chair a meeting.
4. Meetings can be called as and when required.
5. Only Chairperson or President can call an emergency meeting. However, a meeting can be called by Vice-President or an Advisory Panel member upon approval of President or Chairperson respectively.


In case of a conflict or unresolved issue, Chairperson and/or Honorary Founders shall be consulted and their decision will be binding.


Action/task which is/are not governed by any clear specific rule or guideline shall be performed under good and ethical judgment of the self. Esteem of the association should be held high than individuals but it is to be kept in mind that individuals form this association. In case of any difficulty or clarification regarding the said rules/guidelines please contact Honorary Founders/Founding members through the association.

Office Bearers ( 2008-2009) Governing Body of Aikya

1. President: Mr Sanjay Bansal

2. Vice President: Mr Vipul Kumar Sharma

3. Secretary: Mr Ravi Sagar

4. Joint Secretary: Ms Anuradha Jain

5. Treasurer: Mr Manish Dua

Hierarchy or a chart showing the flow of authority and responsibility.

This is the online version of the "Formation of Association". Click Here to download it to your computer.

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